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The ReachFar Foundation iCan Program Saturday Camp is not a child care program, but an avenue that the Foundation uses to influence and promote its agenda to reduce childhood obesity, promote wellness, and positive behaviors through activities that fosters fitness and wellness and guidance in positive behavioral choices all while in a caring environment. The ReachFar Foundation seeks to help young people reach their optimal potential by addressing both their physical and mental needs.

Studies show that children are less active during the school year as they are in the summer. Most children return to sedentary activities such as watching television and playing video and computer games.  Our Saturday Camp will provide a stable and consistent environment of exciting activities that involves physical movement as well as age appropriate, cutting edge games/lessons that promotes a better understanding of healthy eating and positive choices.

Our programs are designed to encourage children by:

  • Teaching positive attitudes towards physical fitness and wellness, NOT emphasizing body weight
  • Placing a focus on fun, fitness and wellness, NOT winning and competing
  • Making positive behavioral choices and influencing others to do so too.

We believe that every child can benefit from a program structured with the whole (mind, body, and health) of the child in mind.


Saturday Camp is Expected to Begin January 2015

Enrollment will be available

November 2014